Sanipull® Distributors

You may order Sanipull through the following distributors:

 In Canada   

        Bowers Medical Supply - BC, Alta, ON           1-800-663-0047
        Cardinal Health Canada - Canada Wide        1-800-387-7025
        Medical Mart Supply - ON                               1-800-268-2848 
        Schaan Healthcare Products Inc - Sask         1-800-667-3786
        The Stevens Company - Canada Wide          1-800-268-0184 
        Wood Wyant - QC, ON, MB                            1-800-724-0130
        Dubo Electrical Distributor - QC                     1-514- 255-7711            

In the USA    

ALCO Sales & Service Co.                             1-800-323-4282 
Legend Medical Products (Pennsauken, NJ)  1-866-854-9040
MedEquipt (Buffalo, NY)                                 1-716-550-4302
Secure Care Systems (Middleburg Hts, OH)   1-440-826-0324
Unimed-Midwest (Lakeville, MN)                     1-800-347-9023
HD Supply                                                      1-800-431-3000

In United Kingdom and Ireland:

        Radal Technology Ltd.  01282 463770


Are you a Medical Product Distributor looking for new innovative products?

Sanipull's success requires Wilshire Works to expand its North American and international markets by teaming up with reputable medical and product supply distributors.  If your business serves the healthcare field in Quebec or outside Canada and would like to consider adding Sanipull's unique family of premium cleanable over bed and nurse call pulls to your product mix contact us for details.  1-800-726-4785

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