WallMate*I Bumper™ and WallMate*II Bumper™

A resilient, wall mounted offset bumper designed to protect behind the bed drywall from bed frame roller impact as well as preventing IV pole strikes to over bed light fixtures.

wallmate mountingMounting

Positioned on the wall between rollers, it allows a height adjusted bed frame to ride along the vertical bumper contact zone. The WallMate is designed to take the impact of a heavy, patient laden bed while protecting the drywall from break through damage. An 8-inch offset keeps the bed away from the wall, preventing a frame mounted IV pole from striking and damaging the over bed light fixture. WallMate *II allows access to the electrical outlet or running horizontal surface mount raceway.



  • Eliminate the ongoing expense and hassle of drywall repair jobs
  • Frees up maintenance staff to tackle more pressing tasks
  • Eliminate the dust and infection control hazards created by the multi-step repair process
  • Eliminate showers of lens plastic and glass bulb shards raining down on patients
  • Eliminate over bed fixtures being lifted off their mount and crashing onto patient’s head
  • Avoid injured patients and potential lawsuits
  • Keeps your ICPs happy


  • Easy and quick to mount using a template and 6 screws or lags
  • WallMate’s wallprint can be sealed with Silicone
  • 32 inches of contact zone accommodates full range of bed height adjustment
  • Attractive off-white colour with a quality feel, textured finish
  • Bumper made with high impact resistant bus bumper plastic
  • Replaces wall mounted hardboard that posses a fire and infection control hazard
  • Lightweight: about 5 lbs
  • Base dimensions 36’ x 12”, contact zone: 32” x 8”, Offset: 8”


Minimum order -10 units, starting at $159.00 each with discounts for larger orders
Prevent needless repair costs; order now!

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