Wilshire Works specializes in products that help hospitals, retirement homes and long term care facilities improve care, reduce cost, and enhance facility infection control.

  • SuperSanipull RTU family of standard length ready-to-use cleanable ribbon profile pulls for retrofitting over bed lights and nurse calls.
  • Any facilities will appreciate the many benefits provided by Sanipull, our SanipullBulk Premium™ Kit option provides bulk length ribbon & fittings to economically retrofit facilities with greater than 140 lights or nurse call pull stations.
  • SaniTether™ for stethoscopes, magnetic pull alarms, or any device that needs a cleanable tether to keep it on station.
  • SaniSecure™ a durable linen-friendly and patient friendly attachment strap for securing call bell cords onto linen, clothing or around bed safety rails.

Practical Healthcare Innovation – Our Tradition

In 2005, Wilshire Works developed an innovative cleanable ribbon pull system to replace traditional string, nylon cords and problematic plastic pull cords on healthcare facility nurse calls and overbed lights.

Over 3500 facilties have chosen Sanipull cleanable pulls to improve hygiene and help reduce facility acquired infection rates.  The Toronto East General Hospital published a report in 2006 that listed Sanipull as one of a handful of implemented infection control improvements that helped to reduce their facility's MRSA and C-Diff rate by up to 50%1.

Sanipull’s innovative design protects fixtures from over-force pull damage, resulting in tangible maintenance expense reductions which can, in the medium term, pay for the entire cost of the product and reduce maintenance work!

A unique optional anti-strangulation / anti-ligature Sanipull ribbon modification helps to prevent harm or death in the case of entanglement or if a Sanipull were to be used as an instrument of suicide or violence against another person.

To meet the needs of our healthcare customers is what we do. Develop solutions.

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