SanipullBulk Premium™ Pull System: Bulk components for larger facilities

SanipullBulk Premium™ 1000’ bulk ribbon dispensers, special attachment spring clips, adaptors and handles offer a wipeable, switch saving, patient-friendly pull system, configurable to your exact needs. SanipullBulk Premium™ was designed to be an economical full-featured retrofit pull for facilities using nurse call and over bed lights in quantity. 

Pulls can be assembled and installed in seconds, using simple tools. (See SanipullBulk Premium™ Instructions for Nurse Calls and Sanipull Premium™  Instructions for Lights ) They can be configured to attach to any existing fixture which uses a pull chain or cord, attaching either with a SuperSanipull clip or an adaptor. Grab handles or clips can be added as required.

The SanipullBulk Premium™ clip can be used both to attach to the fixture and to clip to linen or back onto the pull ribbon. When attached to a fixture, it will release if pulled too strongly, avoiding switch breakage, it can be re-attached easily by anyone.

SanipullBulk Premium™ first implemented in 2009 at the Toronto General Hospital in collaboration with their Infection Control, Environmental Services and Maintenance departments and were an unqualified success.  Maintenance Electricians “love the pull”. 

SanipullBulk Premium™ are available with standard Sanipull vinyl ribbon or our recommended anti-ligature modified ribbon.

Stock colors are cyan blue, red, white, and orange. Black is available on special order.


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