Engineered Detachment Strength

Engineered Detachment Strength Enhances Safety and Cost Control

Direct Connect Switch Saver for Light Pulls

Sanipull's over bed Direct Connect Switch Saver re-attachable breakaway feature helps to protect patients and residents from potential entanglement, as well as reducing the cost of light switch maintenance.

The patent-pending Direct Connect Switch Saver over-bed light pull fixture attachment is designed to endure normal use in healthcare facilities, with a breakaway threshold of 16 pounds (+/- 2 lbs) pull force. If an unusually hard pull is applied to a Sanipull light pull, it will safely detach from the fixture's pull chain. This threshold provides a good balance between normal everyday use, and the occasional heavy tug.

A properly operating pull type light switch should activate with less than half a pound of pull force. A typical #6 metal ball chain has a breaking threshold of approximately 30 lbs. Commercial plastic pull cords, nylon cord pulls, cling and even some string pulls have a breaking strength of well over 100 pounds!

Over-bed light switches typically used in North America frequently break due to excessive pulling force, and can such a substantial cost and task load for facilities that installation of Sanipull light pulls can pay for itself with these savings alone.
Any staff member can easily re-attach Sanipull 2 to 4 times before a new breakaway assembly will be needed.
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Antiligature Feature mitigates use of pulls as weapons or suicide instruments

Anti-ligature modified Sanipulls are available. Weak zones are incorporated into the ribbon to cause it to tear into short, harmless ribbonettes if pulled with over 26 +/- 2 lbs force.

Please Note: Because of the weak zones there is a likelihood that this ribbon pull with normal wear and tear will, over long periods of time, break apart. Therefore, the warranty of the anti-ligature modified pull applies only to the attachment hardware and clip. Sanipull's anti-ligature provides a significant increase in safety with a small reduction in durability. A worthwhile sacrifice!

Furthermore, Wilshire Works Inc. will not be held liable for death or damages directly or indirectly involving any Sanipull product. If someone is intent on harming themselves or others, almost any object can be used to do the deed. Sanipull anti-ligature pulls, however, provide a significantly higher level of patient and staff safety compared to all other pull systems
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