Sanipull® Cleanable Replacement Pulls: Benefits, Features and Limitations

Sanipull® is a cleanable replacement pull system for switches commonly found in healthcare facilities, care homes, and public toilets, on over bed lights, alarm stations, nurse calls, and patient lifts.  Sanipull replaces unsanitary cords with a user-friendly vinyl ribbon profile pull and is a proven solution in over 3000 North American facilities (client list at  It can be easily attached to any switch with an adaptor or removable Sanipull spring clip.

The major benefits of using Sanipull cleanable vinyl pulls in your healthcare facility are:

  • Proactive prevention of facility acquired infection (in conjunction with good housekeeping practices)
  • Economic retrofit pull solution that is durable and quick to install 
  • Protects fixtures from over-force damage 
  • Disinfected easily with standard cleaning procedures and disinfectants.

Sanipull’s family of retrofit pull solutions provide superior value with 10 unique features.

  • Aesthetic, high contrast ribbon profile. Easy to see and grasp.
  • Isolation against electric shock hazards. 
  • Easy attachment to any chain-pull, string-pull or cord-pull device. 
  • Sanipull LT and Sanipull NC pulls have a plastic clip for attachment to gown, linen or around the bed rail. 
  • Sanipull can be factory modified with an anti-strangulation (anti-ligature) feature. 
  • Limited replacement warranty (1-year for Sanipull, 5 for SanipullBulk Premium™ ).


  1. Cleanability:  Sanipull’s 100% vinyl, 12 mm wide ribbon profile provides a durable, easy-to-clean surface.  Sanitize by wiping or immersion with any commercial disinfectant solution.
  2. Aesthetics and Ergonomics:  Sanipull’s easy-to-grasp profile and smooth surface are gentle on delicate skin.  Unlike rigid pulls, which can be noisy when they strike walls, Sanipulls are supple and silent.
  3. Quick and Easy Installation:  Sanipull ribbon pulls can be supplied ready-to-install, or as bulk SanipullBulk Premium™  components, from which they can be assembled in less than a minute each, using just scissors by any layperson.  
  4. Easy to See:  A wide profile and vivid colour (red and cyan blue available in all formats; orange, black or white also available in SanipullBulk Premium™ format), makes Sanipulls highly visible. 
  5. Versatile Attachment to Fixtures:  Sanipulls offer easy attachment to any pull switch, i.e.; nurse call, emergency alarm, over bed light, or patient lift, which uses a chain, cord or sting pull.  Ribbon is available in standard lengths (suited to your market), or on bulk spools, and can be cut to optimal length with scissors if necessary.  Four different adaptors are available for installation onto any switch:
    • Securing Disk, for economy attachment
    • Direct Connect Switch Saver (DCSS) for chain-pull lights
    • Spring Clip, for easy removal and replacement
    • Clamshell Adaptor, for aesthetic permanent attachment.
  6. Versatile Fittings:  Sanipulls can be equipped with one or more handles (bangles) for easy grasping, which can be adjusted for height, replaced or removed by any layperson. Special spring clips can be attached to the lower end for fastening to bed linen or bed rails.  The easily-grasped ribbon can also be used without fittings.  Bangles are designed to be manipulated by any size of hand and in spite of most disabilities.
  7. Durable: Sanipulls are not disposable! Under normal usage conditions, we expect our pulls to last more than five years. 
  8. Stain resistant. 
  9. Anti-ligature Option:  This safety enhancement provides weak zones every 15 cm along the length of the pull, that allow the ribbon to tear apart when pulled with a force greater than 12 +/- 1 kgf. (118 N ±10, temperature range 21ºC to 24ºC). It is an optional factory modification, of particular interest to healthcare facilities that wish to minimize the potential for a pull to be used as an instrument of violence.  By the nature of the modification, anti-ligature pulls are less durable and our warranty only extends to the component hardware. 
  10. Limited replacement warranty (1-year for Sanipull, 5 for SanipullBulk Premium™ ).

North America Toll Free:
1-800-SANIPUL or 1-800-726-4785